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Guangzhou ESG New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Multispecialty supplier
Main categories: Lead Acid Battery, Lithium Battery, Inverter, Solar Street Light, Solar System


• ESG BRAND: One of the five major suppliers designated by the China government for tender.

 • ESG TECHNOLOGY: Our factory is pioneer on the new developed type of lead plate with original design and national patents, which makes battery with 30% longer life. Produce 12V7AH 50,000 units per day, prepare hot-selling models 100AH, 200AH in stock for 48 hours delivery. Available product certifications such as ISO, CE, UL CCC, ROHS, TUV, SGS, IEC UL certificates and transportation test reports.

 • ESG BATTERY DOCTOR: We have won the patent of battery detector that can digitally detect whether the charging system and battery are normal, help customers analyze and repair faulty batteries, enhance the competitive advantage for terminal dealers and help clients seize more markets.